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When you apply for a UK visa, knowing the status of your application offers peace of mind and helps you plan your next steps. Today, we’re going to break down the process of tracking your UK visa application and provide some useful tips on how to stay informed about its progress.

The Basics of Tracking Your UK Visa Application

When submitting your UK visa application online, the system assigns you a GWF (Global Web Form) number. This GWF number is a unique identifier for your application. Immediately after submission, you’ll receive an email confirmation. This email doesn’t just acknowledge that your application has been received; it also outlines the estimated processing times and what you should expect next.

It’s important to note, however, that the GWF number doesn’t facilitate direct tracking of your application in real-time. Unfortunately, the UK Visa system does not currently support a real-time tracking service using the GWF number alone.

What Can You Do to Stay Informed?

Although you can’t track your visa application minute by minute, the email updates you receive after submission are crucial. These emails are your main source of official updates and give you a general idea of the progress in your application.

Additionally, if you find yourself needing more detailed information, or if you encounter any specific issues or delays, reaching out to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) customer support might be your best bet. The UKVI has dedicated customer service resources that can provide guidance and clarity on matters concerning your application.

Proactive Steps You Can Take

While waiting for your visa, here are a few proactive steps you can take to ensure you remain updated:

  1. Regularly check your email: Make sure you’re on top of any updates sent by UKVI. These are not only notifications about the progress of your visa application but might also include requests for additional documents or information.
  2. Contact UKVI for updates: If you’re feeling anxious or if your application seems to be taking longer than the indicated processing time, don’t hesitate to contact UKVI directly. They can offer insights into any delays or additional steps you might need to take.
  3. Prepare for the next steps: Use this waiting period to prepare for your move. Whether it’s looking for accommodation, planning your finances, or understanding the local culture, there are plenty of things you can do to make your transition smoother.


Tracking a UK visa application involves a mix of patience and proactive engagement with the resources provided by UKVI. While direct real-time tracking might not be available, the system does keep you informed through periodic updates via email. Remember, staying informed and prepared are your best tools while awaiting your visa decision. If you have more questions or need further insights into the UK visa process, feel free to reach out or comment with your queries. Safe travels and good luck with your UK visa application!

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