Traveling in Japan

We list some of our most useful tips for first-time Traveling in Japan, specifically those landing at Narita Airport and then travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto. From picking up rail passes, to transportation options, to booking bullet train tickets via a smartphone, hopefully there are a few tips for everyone.

Introduction: Traveling in Japan,

Japan is a country that offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, making it a captivating destination for travelers from around the world. However, navigating this diverse and dynamic country, especially for first-time visitors, can be a bit overwhelming due to the language barrier, bustling transportation hubs, and a myriad of services available

Essential Tips for Traveling in Japan

1. Luggage Delivery Services at Narita Airport

Narita Airport

Upon landing at Narita Airport, make use of the convenient luggage delivery services available at the airport. Save yourself the hassle of lugging heavy bags around by dropping them off at designated counters, where they can be shipped to your accommodations anywhere in the country.

2. Stay Connected with Data Sim or WiFi Router

Data Sim

Ensure you stay connected during your Japan trip by purchasing a data sim card or a portable WiFi router at the airport. These options allow you to access the internet on-the-go, making navigation and communication much easier.

3. Purchase an IC Card for Seamless Travel

 IC Card

To facilitate smooth travel within Japan, invest in an IC Card, which can be used on various modes of transportation and as a cashless payment option at numerous establishments. Easily obtain an IC Card at Narita Airport to streamline your commuting experience.

4. Pick Up Your Rail Pass

Rail Pass

For cost-effective and convenient train travel in Japan, consider purchasing a rail pass like the Japan Rail Pass. Collect your pass at designated JR East Travel Service Centers at Narita Airport to kickstart your rail adventures.

5. Transportation from Narita Airport to Tokyo


Navigate the various transportation options from Narita Airport to central Tokyo based on your destination and budget. Choose between express trains, buses, or taxis for a seamless journey to your Tokyo accommodations.

6. Diverse Accommodation Choices in Tokyo

 Tokyo home

Explore the myriad of accommodation options in Tokyo, from traditional ryokans to capsule hotels, catering to all budgets and preferences. Select the type of lodging that suits your travel style and immerse yourself in Tokyo’s rich hospitality scene.

7. SmartEx App for Shinkansen Tickets


Make use of the SmartEx app to purchase shinkansen tickets in advance and streamline your travel experience. Follow the simple steps to book your tickets and enjoy a hassle-free journey on Japan’s high-speed trains.

8. Navigating Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station
pics credit Pixabat

Master the art of navigating Tokyo Station to board the Tokaido Shinkansen with ease. Follow the signage, purchase tickets, and find your designated platform for a smooth departure to your next destination.

9. Enjoy an Ekiben Onboard the Shinkansen

Shinkansen food

Indulge in a delightful Ekiben, a station food box, before boarding the shinkansen at Tokyo Station. Discover a variety of regional delicacies conveniently packaged for a delicious on-the-go meal.

10. Efficient Bag Storage on the Shinkansen

Utilize the designated storage spaces within the shinkansen cars to stow your luggage securely. Whether it’s overhead shelves or dedicated areas behind the seats, ensure your belongings are safely stored during your train journey.

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11. Hygienic Restrooms on the Shinkansen

restrooms on the shinkansen

Rest assured of clean and well-maintained restrooms on the shinkansen, reflecting Japan’s commitment to hygiene standards. Access free restroom facilities onboard for a comfortable travel experience.

12. Amenities on the Tokaido Shinkansen

Discover the array of amenities available onboard the shinkansen, including power outlets for your devices and onboard food carts offering a selection of snacks and beverages. Enhance your journey with these convenient onboard services.

13. Scenic Views of Mount Fuji

 Mount Fuji

Capture breathtaking views of Mount Fuji from the Tokaido Shinkansen on clear days. Opt for a window seat facing Mount Fuji or stand between cars to admire Japan’s iconic natural landmark during your train journey.

14. Luggage Management Upon Arrival

 luggage storage

Explore the luggage storage and delivery services at major train stations to store your bags conveniently upon reaching your destination. Choose from lockers or delivery services to manage your luggage efficiently during your travels.

15. Accessing Money in Japan


Ensure you have easy access to money by familiarizing yourself with currency exchange facilities and ATM locations in Japan. Discover convenient ATM options at post offices, convenience stores, and banks across the country for hassle-free transactions.


Embark on your first trip to Japan equipped with these essential travel tips to enhance your overall experience in this captivating country. From navigating transportation hubs to enjoying local delicacies onboard the shinkansen, these tips are designed to help you make the most of your visit to Japan. Whether you’re exploring bustling cities or admiring scenic landscapes, these tips will ensure a memorable and seamless travel experience in the Land of the Rising Sun. Start planning your Japanese adventure today and immerse yourself in a journey filled with culture, history, and unparalleled hospitality.

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