Ultimate Baby Travel Checklist

travelling with a baby can be quite the rollercoaster ride! It’s like taking a tiny human, and all their gear, on a safari adventure. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back!

As a first-time parent, you might be feeling like a fish out of water when it comes to packing for your baby’s first holiday. But fear not, our ultimate baby travel checklist has got you covered!

We know you might be thinking, “How on earth am I supposed to fit all of my baby’s gear in my suitcase without making it weigh more than an elephant?” Well, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you with our guide to what to pack in your carry-on luggage. And of course, we wouldn’t leave you hanging without a complete list of baby essentials for your holiday.

Baby travel

By using our checklist, you’ll be more organized than Mary Poppins herself and ensure a stress-free trip for your whole family. So, let’s pack our bags and get ready for some much-needed R&R!

What to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag for a Smooth Flying Experience

Ahoy there, jet-setter parent! Whether it’s a long-haul or a quick hop across the pond, being fully prepared for your plane journey is key. Don’t fret, we’ve got your back and are here to help you set sail on a smooth and stress-free adventure with your little one!

We know that feeling when you’re trapped in a small space with strangers who might not find your baby’s cute gurgling and occasional crying as adorable as you do. But fear not, getting all the right gear in place is half the battle!

To pre-empt any hunger, boredom, or ear pain, make sure to pack bottles, dummies, or snacks for take off and landing. Sucking and having a drink can work wonders for your baby’s ears. And of course, bring plenty of milk or food to keep your little one happy and well-fed. When it comes to nap time, have a plan for how you’ll settle them down – a favourite toy or ear defenders to block out the noise of the plane can do wonders.

So, are you ready to set sail? Use our handy airplane carry-on essentials for baby checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared and ready for take off! Bon voyage!

  1. Diapers – pack plenty of diapers for the flight and a few extra, just in case of delays.
  2. Baby wipes – bring a pack of baby wipes to keep your baby clean and fresh.
  3. Changing pad – bring a portable changing pad to make diaper changes on the go easier.
  4. Diaper cream – pack diaper cream to protect your baby’s delicate skin.
  5. Extra clothes – pack a few extra sets of clothes for your baby in case of spills or accidents.
  6. Blanket – bring a blanket to keep your baby warm and cozy.
  7. Pacifiers and/or bottles – if your baby uses a pacifier or bottle, bring extras for the flight.
  8. Snacks and formula/breast milk – if your baby is eating solids, pack some snacks. If they are still breastfeeding or on formula, bring enough for the flight and a little extra.
  9. Toys – bring a few toys to keep your baby entertained during the flight.
  10. Infant ear protection – bring infant ear protection to help prevent ear pain during takeoff and landing.
Travel the world

And let’s not overlook the important task of packing your own travel essentials, such as:

  • Passport/ID and visa (if required)
  • Travel itinerary and confirmation documents
  • Cash, credit/debit cards, and travel insurance information
  • Medications and prescriptions (if applicable)
  • Travel-sized toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and soap
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Lightweight and comfortable clothing, including layers for varying temperatures
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Electronic devices and chargers (such as phone, camera, and laptop)
  • Travel adapter for charging devices in different countries
  • Travel pillow and eye mask for long flights or train rides
  • A small first aid kit with basic supplies such as band aids and pain relievers
  • Reusable water bottle and snacks
  • Backpack or tote bag for day trips and excursions

Sleep And Travel Essentials

Let’s talk about the must-have items for your baby’s nap times, bedtime, and on-the-go adventures! Don’t forget to bring along their favourite comforter or toy, but be aware that it can be a bit nerve-wracking to travel with something so cherished. We’ve lost a few beloved comforters ourselves, so we know the feeling!

But worry not, because you can easily solve this problem by buying multiple versions of the same comforter. Just remember to switch them out and wash them regularly to make them look equally loved and worn. That way, your baby can always feel cosy and content no matter where your travels take you!

  • Your baby’s very own travel crib – a cosy and familiar spot to snooze in!
  • Add some extra comfort with a soft and foldable travel crib mattress.
  • Don’t forget the sheets! Bring at least three fitted sheets for your baby’s travel crib.
  • Pack two snuggly blankets to keep your little one warm and cosy.
  • For an extra layer of warmth and security, bring along two baby sleeping sacks.
  • Make sure to pack your baby’s favourite toy for comfort and entertainment.
  • Keep an ear out for your baby with a reliable baby monitor.
  • If you plan to use a car at your destination, consider bringing a car seat – just make sure it’s airline-approved.
  • For easy transportation around the airport and beyond, a lightweight stroller is a must-have.
  • A baby carrier is also a great option for carrying your little one and keeping your hands free for other essentials.


Listen up, folks! These are the MVPs for keeping your little one fresh and clean. But let’s be real, changing nappies is like playing a game of Russian roulette – you never know what you’re gonna get! So, pack extra wipes and nappies like they’re going out of style.

Pro tip: If you’re feeling daring, you could try the whole “nappy-free” thing. But if that’s not your style, make sure to check if there’s a supermarket nearby where you can stock up on supplies. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you end up with a shopping cart full of wipes and nappies!

  • Nightlight (because who doesn’t want to see their baby’s cute little face all night long?)
  • Bath towel (because a wet and wriggly baby is basically like holding a greased pig)
  • Baby bath and hair wash (because smelling like airplane and strange hotel rooms is so last season)
  • Baby moisturizer (because even babies need to stay silky smooth)
  • Muslins (because let’s be real, babies are basically drool factories)
  • Nappy sacks (because sometimes you need to dispose of your baby’s…um…handiwork discreetly)
  • Portable changing mat (because you never know when you’ll need to change a nappy on a park bench)
  • Wipes packs (because babies are messy little creatures)
  • Nappy cream (because nappy rash is no joke)
  • Nappies (8 per day of your trip) (because who knows what kind of diaper-related emergencies could occur)
  • Medications (including baby painkiller) (because sometimes even the happiest of babies need a little help)
  • Nail clippers (because baby talons are no joke)


When it comes to dressing your little one for a hot destination, simplicity is key. Let’s be honest, the less clothes the better, am I right? Your baby might even prefer to rock the nappy-only look on the beach. But don’t forget, we want to keep that delicate skin of theirs protected from the sun, so don’t skimp on the sun hats and lightweight layers. The more covered up, the cooler they’ll be – and not just in the style department.

  • Dressy outfits (for when your little one wants to look their best!)
  • Baby grows (for ultimate comfort and ease)
  • Onesies (practical for day-to-day wear)
  • Swim suit (for those splashy moments!)
  • Swim nappies (so your little one can enjoy the water without any accidents)
  • Hats (one for summer, one for winter – depending on where you’re going)
  • Cardigans/sweaters (for cooler days and layering)
  • Pram suit/coat (if travelling somewhere cold – keep your baby snug!)
  • Sunglasses (they may not keep them on, but it’s worth a try!)
  • Hairbrush (to keep those locks looking lovely)
  • Hair accessories – bows, hair ties, and other cute things (because why not?)
  • Baby clothing hand wash detergent (to keep everything fresh and clean

Meal Time

Your baby’s mealtimes are an exciting part of your travel adventure, and it’s essential to pack their feeding supplies. Whether you’re nursing, bottle-feeding, or offering solids, here are some helpful tips. 

  • Travel high chair – who needs a bulky high chair when you can have a small, compact one that attaches to regular dining chairs and is perfect for eating on the go?
  • Sippy cup – because sometimes babies just want to sip and chill like the rest of us
  • Cutlery – baby’s first set of tools for conquering mealtime like a boss
  • Bowl/plate – food needs a home too, don’t forget to pack a bowl or plate for your little one’s meals
  • Bottle/food cool bag – keep your baby’s food and drinks cool and fresh with this handy bag
  • Breast pump – make sure mama stays comfortable and stress-free on the trip
  • Bottles – because one bottle just won’t cut it for your little milk monster
  • Bottle brush – because clean bottles are happy bottles
  • Steriliser – keep those germs away and make sure your baby’s feeding supplies are squeaky clean
  • Baby food – pack enough meals for your trip, and some spares just in case your little one gets extra hungry
  • Ice packs – for when your baby’s milk or food needs a little extra chill (or if you just want to cool down on a hot day!)


Congratulations, you’re now well-equipped for your baby’s first holiday! By planning ahead and getting everything organised before you leave, you’re setting yourself up for a stress-free journey for the whole family. So pack your bags, grab your little one and get ready to make unforgettable memories together. Have a fantastic trip!

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